The Acts: behind the scenes of the notary office of the Parisian elites

Les Actes De Cecile Guidot

Boring, the life of notaries? Not at PRF , in any case, a prestigious Parisian firm based in Place Vendôme . First episode of the novel? The heart attack of Frédéric de Gestas , at 52 years old. The presenter of the 8 p.m., a true national star, was found dead.

A chic notary office at Place Vendôme

His will is the first file of Claire, a new recruit to the firm who discovers the ghost of a narcissistic pervert addicted to coke. Behind his face as an ideal son-in-law, Frédéric de Gestas shared his life between two “ officials ”, while collecting mistresses, including a young rising actress… and pregnant. Three mothers, three children, and an estate that promises to be scandalous. Especially since the celebrity press roams.

Did you like Dix pour Cent and the behind-the-scenes look at acting agents? You will not be disappointed by the bottom lines of the notarial office whose clients are owners of the CAC 40, the gratin of showbiz and " sons of " great families. Cécile Guidot signs with Les Actes a powerfully addictive first novel, whose main heroine, Claire Castaigne, a young thirty-something as beautiful as she is ambitious, is reminiscent of the role of Andrea, played by Camille Cottin in the series.

A new generation of women in a man's world

Who said that the clerks of notaries were generally well-behaved daughters with little Hermes squares ? The last recruit of PRF does not have the face of the job. Claire, 32, is highly desirable and knows it, rides a motorcycle, assumes in front of her bosses that she happens to take coke, multiplies the tattoos and the lovers on Tinder.

During her lunch break, Claire reads Marguerite Duras or talks openly about her sex stories at the local bistro with her colleague Alice, the other “ new one ” who gets people talking in the offices with her leather skirts and Louboutins .

In the little secrets and schemes of the elites

A brilliant new generation, but not in the old-fashioned codes , this is the bet of Hugo de Polignac, aristo réac ', and the very male and conservative founders of PRF. This is not at all to the taste of Catherine Ferra, the only female partner, working girl par excellence, who does not support the competition of youth, spends her life in the gym to keep a perfect line and offers herself the company of escort boys from time to time. So goes the life of this cabinet with the gallery of colorful characters in the Parisian elites.

Behind the seal of the notaries, there were all the good romantic veins for a powerful book where money and feelings often go hand in hand. The settlement of an estate, the purchase of an apartment, a divorce or the drafting of a will: everything is good for telling an episode of life… And Cécile Guidot is having fun .

Livre de Cécile Guidot, éditions JC Lattès

Les Actes de Cécile Guidot published by Editions JC Lattès, € 19.90

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