Sabon, the made in Israel cosmetics brand


What is good for the body is good for the spirit, and Sabon certainly has understood this! With its natural products using salts form the Dead Sea, the Israeli cosmetics brands has imposed itself as the temple of organic beautistas.

Balmy creams, salty rubbings, mud masks, body milks, lip balms, perfumed bottles… At Sabon, you feel like buying everything, but the most difficult is finding our favorite perfume ! So since we had to make a decision, we went fro vanilla/lavender/patchouli.

We like : the stone fountain from Jerusalem, where you can test the the rubbings made with Dead Sea salt (23 euros les 320g / 30 euros for 600g) … Soft hands guaranteed !

We love : the mineral bath powder (22 euros), to transform your bath water into an embalmed milky froth… The vanilla/coconut version is awesome !

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Where to find it?


32 rue des Rosiers

75004 Paris

01 44 61 45 96

Saint-paul (le Marais) Saint-paul (le Marais)

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