Why you are going to adore the season 2 of DIX POUR CENT?


A quick reminder: Dix pour Cent is the more than real series imagined by Dominique Besnehard. Welcome behind the scene of agents representing stars and the hidden side of actors and show biz’…

Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Adjani, Fabrice Luchini: all the heavy weights of the French cinema have accepted to play their own parts in this season 2, confirming Dix pour Cent as the new cult French series, which for once can stand its own in front of the US blockbusters. This should deffo have you glued to your TV screens starting Wednesday the 19th of April.

So back to the ASK agency where financial difficulties are seriously worrying the 4 star agents of the Paris show biz: Andréa, Mathias & Gabriel and Arlette… Their potential saviour? The young and handsome billionaire Hicham Janowski, childhood friend of Andréa (Camille Cottin) will soon turn out to be very high-maintenance and not so clever when it comes to handling the trade. Which creates quite a few problems for his associates whose private lives are all totally off-the-wall …

We adore: the incisive and ironic scenarios, filled with intrigues that all seem quite real! The diva whims of an Adjani who dreams herself in a  film of Xavier Dolan film, Camille Cottin ready to sell her soul in order to nab Luchini from her biggest competitor, Virginie Efira as an unfaithful wife pursued by Closer or Julien Doré, who is a little too interested by girlfriend of his agent… In short, le cinema as though you were part of it !

Season 2 of Dix pour Cent on France 2 starting on Wednesday the 19th of April at 9pm and in replay on pluzz.fr

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