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Seize Diy interior

As with most Parisiennes, the idea is to create marvels with your ten fingers rejoices you. However, like most Parisiennes (translation, you are not alone), you have two left hands and your YouTube tentatives tutorials ended up in a big #fail.

Knitting your wool bonnet or your stylish snood for Winter, creating a fab mural weaving to hang in your living room, concocting an organic lip balm. No more complexes, at Seize, you will really be hands-on in a super chill ambiance. The proof?

For starters, DIY workshops take place in low-key small groups seated around a big table. Secondly, the « teachers » are very friendly passionate creators, who adapt to all levels. Number three, Claire Chicoine, at the origin of the place, offers tea, coffee and nibbles, in a space to be posted directly on Pinterest (quartz pink wall, graphic carpet, arty suspensions, copper details).

And for all those who want finished products, Claire has a wide array of rarities such as jewellery in semi-precious stones by Stone Paper Feather, the headbands of Laure Derrey, adorable candles in vegetal was spiked with dried flowers and adorable leather pouches and card holders­—to pick up immeidately.

Tip top, aside from workshops, you can even come work here (co-working 5€ an hour). In other words, you are going to spend all your extra time here.


Open Tuesday to Sunday. Count 45-60 € for the workshop.

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16, rue de Crussol

75011 Paris

Oberkampf Oberkampf

Saint-sebastien-froissart Saint-sebastien-froissart

Filles Du Calvaire Filles Du Calvaire

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