SOS worried 30-year-olds at Aquamoon avec Yon-Ka

The promise: a  face« repimped » by an anti-oxidant and anti-pollution action matched with a preventive anti-age effect. The perfect combo for skin that is more radiant, less tired, as though it had  passed through the filters of Instagram.

For whom? 25-35 year olds who prefer prevention to cure. Out of the question to let the first wrinkles settle in too fast.

The place: Aquamoon spa, ideally hidden on place Vendôme between two famous jewellers. A grandiose location, as confidential as it is stunning, which conveys the amazing feeling of being

The protocol: very complete. First, the classic makeup remover-cleanser. Then a clay mask + 2 mist sprays with essential oils + 2 vegetal scrubs + peeling + masques visage and eye contour, all mixed with super relaxing massages. As guest, the Vital Defense cream, a skin enhancer that protects from pollution and delays ageing signs. To prolong the treatment effects, use it as a daily cream.

The added plus: access to the superb basin and the relaxing room, to chill after your treatment.

Vital Defense Treatment, 60 min, 110€. Open Monday to Friday, from 10am to 8pm, and on Saturday until 7pm.

By Julie Zwingelstei

Where to find it ?


19, place Vendôme

75001 Paris

01 42 86 10 00

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