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If you are not really into cooking... The queen of tarts, aka Catherine Kluger has imagined the  perfect quiche to make you come across as a culinary pro. Her tip ? Go for ready-made Croustipate dough and pimp it with fresh spring vegetables. The result will be a veggie quiche as cool and pretty looking as though Gwyneth Paltrow had made it herself. Get cracking !

Coming out of the icebox, butter a mould or a tart circle with the dough, spike with a fork and place weights (ceramic or metal marbles), or then simply white beans or chick peas) on sulfurized paper to the height of the tart edges.

Preheat the bottom of the tart in the oven at 180° during 25 minutes.

Remove the cooking marbles when coming out of the oven.

On the tart bottom, place the peas, the asparagus cut in 2 and the new spring onions, peeled and cut in 2 or 4, depending on their size.

Mix the eggs, cream, milk, dough or powder curry, salt, pepper, pour on the vegetables up to the edges of the tart.

Place on top the fresh prewashed and drained coriander.

Bake at 180° during 35 minutes.

The tart is baked when it begins to rise.

© Catherine Madani


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Spring veggie tarts

1 shortcrust Croustipate pastry with fresh butter

3 eggs

15 cl of cream

20 cl of milk

1 teaspoon of curry powder or 2 teaspoons of curry paste

Salt, pepper

5 green asparagus

100 g of fresh or frozen peas

1 bunch of fresh onions

A few branches of fresh coriander of 2 tablespoons of frozen coriander

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