The best cream for soft hands


Code  name? Baume de Dalmatie. THE soon to be cult cream that one must absolutely have at all times and a cute gift for the gals.

Fashionistas will soon he hooked to this ultra-efficient and eco-friendly treatment, that comprises no silicone nor mineral oils. Its packaging is another great asset: a tube with a very original plaid print, inspired by small dogs coats.

Surprise: the tube contains stunning small black beads that melt when they come in contact with the skin, to moisturize, illuminate and hide imperfections. Its high added value? The lily flower recognized for its clearing properties, moisturizing and appeasing while liquorish brings fragrance, protection and regeneration.

We adore: the darling and original packaging that makes us think of « Smarties »  boxes, the mat powdered aspect and the slight bling of the balm with caviar beads.

Ideal? Its mini « glue tube » format easy to take with you !

Where to find it? On their on line boutique

Miss Ferling hand cream

15 ml

Price: 9,95 €

We also like? The Tigress Balm, an ideal and fragrant daily treatment for soft feet, that really makes you feel like massaging your footsies!

Foot treatment

60 ml

Price: 10,50 €

Par Marie Rocela

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