What is The Handmaid's Tale season 4 worth on OCS?

The Handmaids Tale Saison 4

Almost two years ago, Season 3 left us full of hope and questions. Que va-t-il des advenir esclaves and children of Gilead, the effroyable république dystopique dépeinte in The Handmaid's Tale (The preservative écarlate in VF)?

An acclaimed adaptation of Margaret Atwood's feminist novel, one of the most anticipated series event of 2021, the epic season 4 lands on April 29 in US + 24 on OCS . And don't disappoint.

Previously among the fascists ...

Spoiler alert: The following paragraph contains revelations about season 3 .

Let's resume. Not without being shot, June had managed to evacuate from Gilead no less than 86 children (including her own baby a little earlier) and a few Marthas, towards Free Canada. She could have left too, but refused while her oldest child continues to be lobotomized on the spot. Determined to destroy the thinking heads of the dictatorship , she then became (if she was not already) public enemy number 1, hunted down into the smallest recesses of the forests. Meanwhile, Nick was becoming an undercover Eye, when the arrested Waterfords swung on each other, cooked by the US government in the person of Mark Tuello.

What we can tell you about season 4

Difficult to recount the main lines without revealing the scoop. However, from a farm hidden away on the border of the Promised Land, June takes an affection for the young Bride who lodges them, cruel in appearance, but above all plagued by a violent trauma. With the other Servants, they plan their escape, while trying to eliminate if possible as many Commanders as possible in the process.

More upbeat than ever, Aunt Lydia swears to avenge the extradition of the children and to do battle with June. In free land, Luke, the not so passive husband, tries to raise funds and raise awareness to put an end to Gilead , always helped by Moira. The extradited and children try to resume the course of a normal life after having suffered the worst. While the Waterford couple have never been so torn apart, an astonishing revelation will bind them forever ...

Elisabeth Moss, this genius

Her character possesses the cold determination of Scarlett O'Hara and the staunch stoicism of M in the James Bond saga. Elisabeth Moss still deserves her Golden Globe received for her role as June Osborne, one of the most badass feminist icon in series history. Already excellent in Mad Men , the actress unveils in this season 4 - for which she directs three episodes - a new facet of her talent by embodying this leadeuse turned guru , capable of instigating cold-blooded assassinations and having her brains splashed. of his ally without blinking. June's new motto? Divide for better reign ... especially when you no longer have the capacity to act.

An incredible shoot

As extraordinary as the plot of this new season, its filming was more than complicated by the pandemic , as showrunner and producer Bruce Miller recently testified to Deadline .

Scenes had to be altered to limit the crews on set, when actors simply couldn't get there because of border restrictions and two-week quarantines imposed in Ontario , the location of the filming. Phew: the result remains as cool as the previous seasons, with an even more palpable darkness.

Season 4 unpublished from April 29 in US + 24 on OCS

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