The light technique at Esther Michèle

Led light session

The promise: the technology of LED light (or photomodulation) to deal with small issues and skin imperfections thanks to high-tech machines produced by Esther Michèle, a state-of-the art French enterprise. The idea? Displaying your skin to light. Nothing to do with UV, these rays are harmless. Nothing to do either with luminotherapy, here lights are coloured. Red, blue, infrared, depending on the colour and the intensity, it’s possible to treat acne, scars, deep eye bags, pouches, dilated pores, wrinkles, lack of glow… Very simply, Koreans only swear by this new technique conceived at the outset by the Nasa.

For whom? Gals in a hurry, since these are quick treatments; count 4 minutes for an express radiance session. For those who don’t like lathering on lots of products or who hate being manipulated, these treatments require neither cream nor contact.

The place: the showroom of the Esther Michèle brand, hidden behind a carriage gate in the back of a charming small courtyard. A room has been set up to welcome clients with or without appointments.

The protocol: everything is based on the Led Book, a screen equipped with two panels that resemble a MacBook. Seated at a desk, you face the instrument, as close as possible to expose your skin to the lights. 1 minute of infrared + 2 minutes under the red light + 1 minute of infrared— 4 quick minutes to be renewed on a regular basis.

The added plus: coffee, tea or fruit juice— you are offered a drink with your treatment.

Express “boosting” bio-stimulation for tired dull skins / problem skins 20€. Open Monday to Saturday by appointment.

Esther Michèle

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