The magic oil of Cap Ferret by Océopin

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This is decidedly the most desirable beauty vial of the moment.

A real Holiday booster to apply at the end of your nose in order repulp the skin and pimp the complexion. So what is this marvelous elixir? A maritime oil made from du Cap Ferret pine seed that has the wonderful smell of a pine forest near the ocean

Its 1000 virtues? It has divine properties!  Filled with essential fatty acids, this anti-oxidant treatment is a super anti-age, repulping and soothing treatment that repairs and nourishes in depth. In short, an ultra-complete product as we like them, 100% organic and Made in France that does wonders for the skin and boosts the morale. Do not hesitate to use over and over after the age of 30 …

Cool: its easy to use side, to be applied like a serum in 3 drops or to be mixed with your moisturizing cream …

We also like … The fact that we can lend it to the man in our lives. Its woody side gives it a masculine-feminine side.

Tip top. No need to go all the way down to the Cap. You can buy it on line!

15ml: 36€

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