The magic oil of Cap Ferret by Océopin

This is decidedly the most desirable beauty vial of the moment.

A real Holiday booster to apply at the end of your nose in order repulp the skin and pimp the complexion. So what is this marvelous elixir? A maritime oil made from du Cap Ferret pine seed that has the wonderful smell of a pine forest near the ocean

Its 1000 virtues? It has divine properties!  Filled with essential fatty acids, this anti-oxidant treatment is a super anti-age, repulping and soothing treatment that repairs and nourishes in depth. In short, an ultra-complete product as we like them, 100% organic and Made in France that does wonders for the skin and boosts the morale. Do not hesitate to use over and over after the age of 30 …

Cool: its easy to use side, to be applied like a serum in 3 drops or to be mixed with your moisturizing cream …

We also like … The fact that we can lend it to the man in our lives. Its woody side gives it a masculine-feminine side.

Tip top. No need to go all the way down to the Cap. You can buy it on line!

Discover an oyster shack in Cap Ferret that completely makes us dream …

15ml: 36€

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