Golden youth: the Palace years of Eva Ionesco

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Sex, drugs, glitter. Lagerfeld , Saint Laurent , Mugler . Those nostalgic for the Palace years now only talk about Golden Youth , the scathing sequel to Eva Ionesco 's first shocking autobiographical feature , My little princess . Or how to infiltrate the provocative Parisian nights of the late 70's .

A wildly romantic true story

We no longer present the incredible fate of Eva Ionesco , whose artist mum took and exhibited erotic photos of her own daughter from her earliest childhood. Entrusted to the DDASS , highly publicized trials and a deeply moving autobiographical novel will follow.

A golden youth thus begins at the exit of the public assistance of Rose, 16 years old (interpreted by Galatea Bellugi with a sometimes confusing naturalness), recovered by her lover Michel, embodied by Lukas Ionesco - the son of Eva in real life . From fiesta to fiesta at the Palace , they are noticed by a couple of rich libertines ( Isabelle Huppert and Melvil Poupaud ) who take them under their wings. But at what cost ? Between jealousy and competition, an unhealthy double couple in devil takes place ...

Extrait du film avec Alain-Fabien Delon, Galatea Bellugi, Isabelle Huppert et Lukas Ionesco

Wow sets and costumes

In true chronicle of the “ Palace era , the festive scenes were shot (in four days) at the Folies Bergère and at the Casino de Paris , whose decor is more faithful than the current Palace - which has been redecorated in “ ham rose ”, as the director regrets.

On the costume side too, the context is set. And for good reason, an army of creators lent incredible archival pieces for the shooting: Chanel , Jean Paul Gaultier , Marie Beltrami and especially Thierry Mugler , of whom Isabelle Huppert embodies a muse. Magical ! Note: the handsome Nassim Guizani in the role of Christian Louboutin , the first truly reliable friend of Eva Ionesco , king of the night and faithful protector.


A picturesque but sometimes uneasy whole. We suffer for these queens poor of the night addicted to appear in all circumstances with this outrageous makeup day and night, too tight dresses whales brought on consecutive days (ouch!), The vertiginous stilettos worn even in mouth drinks and cigarettes strung as soon as you wake up… Comfort is so 90s.

A golden youth , at the cinema on January 16.

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