Win a dinner in the Marais with the DO IT TEAM

Krogen Restaurant Ephemere

Save the date! Monday the 13th of June 2016: we are inviting our darling Parisiennes for an in-house dinner during a long evening...

Because the editorial team DO IT IN PARIS adores meeting its darling readers “in real life”. Because we feel like telling you how much we love you, want to pamper you and even ask your advice regarding doitinparis and how to improve the site…

Scene of the crime? Krogen, the amazing Ikea ephemeral restaurant in the Marais. A fab Scandinavian decor, a pleasant terrace and great looking small salons. A winning combo.

At the helm? The entire DO IT TEAM (Véronique, the founder, Julie, our super reporter, Charles the strong man of the house, and all the others) to chat, enjoy nibbles and drink chics with you!

In the kitchen: Elodie Rouge, our devoted editor-in-chief and her brigade to concoct a special dinner with all the yummy must-haves of Ikea’s Swedish grocery shop. A hint? You better like salmon, blueberries and pornfood.

Contest over

© Julien Knaub

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Where to find it?

IKEA Krogen

75 Rue de Turbigo

75003 Paris

Republique Republique

Arts-et-metiers Arts-et-metiers

Temple Temple

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