Chez Simone, the new buzzing healthy flat

Chez simone in her yoga studio

Remember the name, because Chez Simone is sure to become the new feel-good HQ of trendy Parisiennes.

More confidential and much more cool than a classic yoga studio. Imagine an XXL  flat with a very falshy decor at the heart of Paris, combining a complete program of great sports courses in small committee (yoga, Pilates, dance…), a healthy cantina with a Peruvian touch, 15 minutes flat Biotherm beauty treatments and a co-working space to work out during two ab-butt sessions. All good reasons to squat this special place, placed under the sign of well-being and 2.0. empowerment Fab no?

Running the place, Aurélia ( and Julie (Mademoiselle Run), two super inspiring  gals determined to share their passion for sports and good vibes. Starting now, we do everything they do. And the good news is that the reservations platform is on line today and the flat is opening its doors starting Monday the 26th of September.

The added plus: the architecture agency that is at the origin of the place, Nuts & Architects , has set up its offices there. So if you feel like reproducing the tropicool decor at home—you know what you need to do…

Tops: workshops/encounters on Saturday, brunches on Sunday and other pending surprises…


Open every day. 20€ per class. More info on the Chez Simone Facebook page.

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Where to find it?

Chez Simone

226 rue Saint-Denis

75002 Paris

01 42 61 32 74

Louvre-rivoli Louvre-rivoli

Chatelet Chatelet

Chatelet Chatelet

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