Why Ocean’s 8 is THE badass film you were waiting for?

Ocean S 8

With a 100% feminine cast that follows up on the very masculine series of Ocean by Steven Soderbergh, this spin off with an explosive casting, co-produced by George Clooney himself, has it all. Just released from jail, Debbie Ocean (Sandra Bullock), worthy sister of her brother Danny Ocean (incarnated by Georges Clooney in the films), is surrounded by crime professionals in order to steal a diamond necklace of … 2,5 kg during the famous Met Gala of New York. Why you should be impatiently waiting for these criminal badass gals on the screen:

Because it’s resolutely Girl Power

ocean's 8 bande annonce

A very rock n roll Cate Blanchett, an super badass Sandra Bullock, a Rihanna as a Rastaferian hacker, a Awkwafina (New York rapper) as a pickpocket, Helena Bonham Carter as a stylist in dept, Sarah Paulson as a rebel mother and Anne Hathaway as a lonely starlet: the film features as many talented actresses as the number of diamonds on the necklace collier coveted by their characters. Far from the Hollywood clichés of the courageous gangster’s object girlfriend, here it’s the women who hold the reins of the film, even if it means running over a few men along the way. It’s notably the case of Debbie Ocean’s ex boyfriend, who should have anticipated before sending him behind bars…

In a context where the sleezy Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is still waiting to go on trial for having raped several actresses, what could be better than a film that sets things straight in regards to women?

Because you will laugh all along

ocean's 8 actrices

With a very amusing script and characters that will make you howl with laughter (heart-throb for Anne Hathaway who wonderfully incarnates the star dripping with self-esteem, even when she is throwing up in the toilets), impossible not to laugh while watching this efficient film with a strong rhythm. A few small surprises appear during the strategic moments of the actual heist: Anna Wintour in the offices of Vogue, or Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams and Heidi Klum on the red carpet of the Met Gala. They all incarnate their own role with a derision that would loosen up the most fashion-addict amongst you.

Red, white and blue: because France is in the spotlight

ocean's 8

In addition to the many hilarious one liners in French pronounced by the actresses with a very sketchy accent, Hollywood called upon the very French jeweller Cartier to create the original jewellery piece at the heart of the film’s intrigue. The diamond necklace, inspired by a necklace designed in 1931 as a homage to Jeanne Toussaint, artistic director of the brand in the 30s, and that took only eight weeks to put together in the rue de la Paix workshops of Paris. Many scenes from the film are shot in the cult boutique in New York, la Mansion Cartier, and almost all the actors dressed for the Met Gala wear pieces by the famous jeweller. Why did Cartier accept this exclusive partnership? Because the film encourages women to be themselves. What else ?

To be released on the 13th of June

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