Claritone, the bag label to know before everyone else

Claritone park handbag

Heads up: it-bags in sight! Launched just a few months ago, this young leather goods label is unveiling its entire first collection during a ephemeral pop up store!

An occasion to discover these chic streamlined bags, cut in the same leathers as those used by leading deluxe house and put together in a workshop in Angers. Distinctive signs? Tonic colors, playful materials and volumes designed for every day life.

Small anecdote, each model is named after a musical current, dear to designer Marie-Caroline Selmer. And the bag buckles feature a saxophone key.

Quick look? Nina, in homage to Nina Simone, a small geometric bag with a brass chain --great for night or day and with a two toned taupe/yellow model that is already a best seller (1 250€). The minimalist Amy pouch to slip under the arm just like Amy Winehouse, of course (750€). And Duke or Duke Ellington, the perfect tote (1 950€).

If you miss the op, catch-up session on the e-shop.

Claritone ephemeral Boutique. Every weekend until the 20th of December 2015 from 10:30 am to 8pm.

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Where to find it?

Boutique éphémère Claritone

21, rue Saint-Roch

75001 Paris

Tuileries Tuileries

Pyramides Pyramides

Pyramides Pyramides

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