When Loïc Prigent pinpoints the wardrobe of our guys

Des Hommes Styles Loic Prigent

The pair of jeans, the white t-shirt, the suit. Underpants. A cap. Could this be the uniform of the sexy and stylish man? Fashion insider, Loïc Prigent, is back on Arte with a fascinating documentary on the masculine wardrobe, not as boring as it seems: Des hommes stylés, will be aired on Sunday at 10:30pm.

What’s the story ?

Men, real ones, from yesterday to today. From Clark Gable to Brad Pitt including Barack Obama, Marlon Brando and Liberace, without forgetting the most influencer of all: David Beckham (“More than an icon, he’s a God”). A great way to watch and learn. Clever!

david beckham

The 2.0 man

Through their way of dressing and images from the archives, interviews and fashion show excerpts, Prigent takes on at a fast pace all the thematics possible to understand man’s quest in terms of identity: body-building, streetwear, body hair, fetishism, daddy’s body, tattoos, without forgetting the decadent normcore incarnated by Shia Labeouf.

Special kudos for our national Olivier Rousteing, very modestly: “I sell dreams (...) I have stropped trying to be cool. I prefer being timeless, it’s a lot better”. No comment...

virgil abloh

We like

Counting the points on the eternal debate dear to sartorialists: what is best, Italian, British or French tailoring? No less than Karl Lagerfeld could make the decision and his response might surprise you …

The WTF minute: Paul Smith who crumples up a jacket to prove its flexibility and launches into sofa stretching to show his. So British.

Discover also the loic progent documentary about haute couture partie 1 and partie 2

Sunday the 8th of July at 10:30pm on Arte. Available for 60 days as replay on www.arte.tv.

Also discover the new trends of menswear Fashion Week and the perfect basics of the parisian.

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