The green bowl for Winter

Green Bowl

We have good news for cuisine dummies, diet failures, seasonal imposters. Here is a recipe that while combining a quick passage at Monop and will make you a healthy woman. Everything you were not before. Finally. Hurray for 2018 !


1.     Cook the quinoa as indicated on the package then drain and allow to cool.

2.     Wash the half courgette and create tagliatelli with the help of a vegetable shredder or a plain cutter.

3.     Peel the then create strips with a veggie cutter.

4.     Peel the asparagus and cook for 5 minutes in boiling salt water. After cooking, delicately run cold water over them and set aside.

5.     Dip the beans in a pan of boiling water and allow to cook for 4 minutes after the water boils. At the end of cooking time, drain allow to cool slowly.

6.     Cut the goat cheese log in rounded slices of about 5 mm width. Divide the quinoa into two bowls. Add the beans on part of the bowls, as well as the spinach sprouts and the tagliatelli of courgette.

7.     Roll up the cucumber slices so that they produce small roses and add them in the bowls. Then add the goat log slices and the green asparagus.

8.     Pour the olive oil and half the lemon juice in a recipient. Add the ground pepper, salt if needed and mix. Pour the sauce in the bowls and enjoy!.

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·        120 g or red quinoa

·        2 handfuls of spinach leaves

·        1/2 courgette

·        1 cucumber

·        10 green asparagus

·        150 g of frozen large beans

·        1/2 log of goat cheese

·        4 tablespoons of olive oil

·        1 green lemon

·        Pepper mill

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