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Michele Laroque

With her film Brillantissime, for the first time Michèle Laroque moves to the other side of the camera with a hilarious comedy! And one recognizes her super funny signature as well as the entire gang: Khad Merah, Françoise Fabian, Pierre Palmade, her mother.… Without forgetting her daughter and her dog, in their own roles....

More sexy and moving than ever, Michèle Laroque delivers a touching film, a real treat on the freedom and the traps of couples. An occasion to ask this pretty blonde to share with us her reflections on love and empowerment…

Your film begins this way… Being dumped by your husband at 50 when you are a housewife and your daughter is leaving the nest. A real looser situation or not?

The beginning looks really bad. Here is a woman who is not in her real life from the start! Angela is in a storybook with pretty dresses, a nice flat, a handsome husband and a daughter.

And then nothing. She tries to backtrack with a mother that drops her like always and a best friend who prefers taking meds on holidays rather than spend an evening with her BFF ….

In a surprising way, this woman is going to begin her real life, which was not the case at the outset­, and realize that in fact she did not love her husband. Which enables her to encounter love that she could not see because she did not like herself …

What you would never do for love?

This is Angela at the outset! Thinking she is in love because she filled the icebox with foods her husband loves. It’s more duty than love. And she says it in the voice-over, “I did not ask myself what I really wanted for myself.” That’s the question: are you in love with love or feel like being the partner of the person you are with? It’s very different.

Frankly, is it better to be alone or with the wrong person?

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It’s better to be alone and feel really good. Or with the right partner… put never the wrong one! You must stop lying to yourself. The important thing is to like and respect each other, alone or as a couple—that way you feel good and don’t need to pop pills or knock down drinks…

The problem is fear and lack of confidence. Life is filled with successes and failures. Without failures you cannot progress, and that’s precisely what leads to happiness. It’s very easy to be a victim… But it’s much more difficult to say: I am responsible for what is happening to me and ask yourself why…so that it does not happen again.

For you, what is the secret of a long-lasting couple?

Not being needy, being really independent, looking in the same direction and spending moments together not because you have to but because you want to …

Taboos, age difference... Do you think women build up many fences when it comes to love?

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No, it’s society that builds up the fences and that’s why I wanted to tell this story. So many false rules are imposed on us We are told it’s impossible to fall in love after 45 or living with someone who is different from you… This has to stop...

On the contrary, everything is possible when it’s for good reasons. Forget rules and just say to yourself, if I feel like it, then it will happen...

50-year-olds on Tinder who are looking for a new guy on the social networks, how do you feel about that?

Obviously real couples can match up like that. But that’s not the issue. First, it’s important to take care of yourself, solve your problems and work at becoming adult !

This is what allows to look for a partner, not because we have a vital need to live as couple, but because we feel happy on our own and are capable of saying “ah now I can live something really nice with someone.

Starting from there everything is possible… But when you are ready for this, no need to use Tinder, I mean: the guy rings at the door, he arrives on a silver platter.

In the film, you are a huge bombshell… So: sex at 50 years old, is it better?

Ha ha ha. Laughs. It all depends on the person, I will not speak of my case… But life is short. When you turn 50: you realize there is less time and that’s great to live better. Some go into total depression but others quite on the contrary, it liberates incredible things… and at every level !

"Brillantissime" indoors starting Wednesday, January 17, 2018.

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