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When it comes to skin there is no mystery. Only a cream adapted just for you, to your habits and your environment enables to obtain visible and long lasting results. In short, o need to rush over and check out your BFF’s bathroom or ask advice from your control freak colleague who is constantly testing the latest novelties on the market.

In the best of possible worlds, everyone should have their « own» personalized cream. Lucile Battail has understood this. This young pharmaceutical doctor studied the subject when she was still at the university. Her efforts were successful, she has just opened the first Laboté boutique, equipped with an in-house lab, capable of formulating your day cream (65€), your serum (85€) or your night cream (55€) in 10 minutes flat! A feat that required years of research and a patent that ensures an eco-friendly production to boot.

So how does it work? Everything begins with a very specific questionnaire established hand in hand with dermatologists. Your beauty routine is carefully looked at (makeup, makeup remover, polluted atmosphere, spots, cutaneous issues…) leading to a very high-end skin diagnosis and finally a 100% personalized prescription that takes into account your preferences in terms of textures and fragrances.

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The info is given to the lab that prepares your formula made with fresh and natural ingredients, free of silicone and other perturbing ingredients. In 10 minutes flat, you go home with your bottle, also customized, since you can choose the colour of the tag.

Cherry on the cake, your pot is refillable. An occasion to go back to the boutique for a final diagnosis and eventually change the formulation in keeping with the season.

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11, rue Madame

75006 Paris

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Sèvres-babylone Sèvres-babylone

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