Pimm's: the Royal Family's favorite summer cocktail

Recette Pimms

After the iconic Spritz and Bloody Mary, another cocktail as vintage as it is delicious is also making a flamboyant comeback. Code name: Pimm’s . And it turns out that Queen Elizabeth is crazy about it (to the point of having made it the sponsor drink of her 90th birthday ), as well as all the English elite who puts it on by hectoliters in the stands at Wimbledon ...

For an English aperitif, its very fresh taste stands out, a little bitter and fruity, based on gin infused with spices (cinnamon, cloves, etc.), plants and caramelized oranges. The height of joy, the Pimm's recipe is within reach of the zero levels of mixology: no need for a shaker or a pod, just a few ingredients and above all ice cubes. Cheers !


Mix Pimm's no.1 (available from the Nicolas wine merchant network) with its double of ginger ale .

Accompany it all with fresh fruit (orange slice, cucumber, strawberry ...), mint and why not a squeeze of lemon . The garnish of this cocktail can be adapted according to the season.

Serve with plenty of ice cubes .


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