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Recette Kiwi

Strong, tonic and tasty, these kiwis mixed with a point of ginger are at the same time vivified by a raspberry topping and rounded out by creamy white chocolate with Armagnac. This recipe is excerpted from the book Sud-Ouest - Un concentré de convivialité en 80 recettes by Chef Julien Duboué, published by Ducasse Edition.

For 4 persons

Preparation : 40 min

Cooking : 10 min

Resting time: 2H


Gaspacho of kiwi

Chop the ginger, then mix finely all the ingredients in a blender vat. Pour the gaspacho in a salad bowl, then set aside in a fresh place for 1 h.

Creamy white chocolate

Dip the gelatine leaves in cold water.

Whip the egg yolks with the Armagnac until the mix whitens. Boil the cream and pour half on the eggs while stirring. Pour everything into a pan. Cook on average flame and never cease stirring until it reaches 82 °C: as with an English custard, the preparation must cover the spoon.

Pour this cream on the white chocolate cut into pieces, then add the drained gelatine. Mix with a dipping whipper or in the blender, cover with contact film, then set aside in a fresh place for 1 h.

Raspberry topping

In a small pan, boil all the ingredients. Remove from the flame as soon as the mix boils, then mix with a dipping whipper or in the blender. Filter through a fine sieve fine, cover with contact film.


Form elongated quenelles of creamy white chocolate in bowls, then pour the gaspacho of kiwi on top. Finish with the raspberry topping in each bowl l.

livre recettes sud ouest

Sud-Ouest - Un concentré de convivialité en 80 recettes, published by Ducasse Edition

Authors: Julien Duboué, Philippe Boé. Photographer: Guillaume Czerw

Available in books shops at the price of €29

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Gaspacho of kiwi

1 kg of ripe Adour kiwis

1,5 teaspoon of fresh ginger (about 2 cm)

9 cl of water

50 g of sugar

Creamy white chocolate

150 g of white chocolate

2 leaves of gelatine

4 egg yolks

50 cl liquid cream

1,5 tablespoon of Armagnac from the Domaine d’Ognoas

Raspberry topping

125 g of raspberries

2,5 tablespoon of semolina

2,5 tablespoons of water

1/2 green lemon juice

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