Five extreme activities to do this summer

Sports Extremes

Chilling on a terrace while sipping overpriced cocktails: boring (and expensive). The latest thrill for hyperactive Parisian women in search of excitement? Trying out a variety of unusual activities to upgrade their summer in the city with unforgettable adventures. YOLO mode activated.


Surf the Seine on a wakeboard

The spot: Head to the CN19 Glisse nautical center pontoon at the foot of the Saint-Cloud Bridge for the incredible experience of wakeboarding on the Seine. You're not ready!

The thrill: After work, ditch your stilettos and get initiated into this stylish (and accessible) water sport, a perfect blend of snowboarding, water skiing, and surfing. The goal? Riding the Seine against the dreamy backdrop of La Défense's skyline at sunset.

The session: Guided by passionate volunteers, you'll learn how to get out of the water, stand on the board, and make turns. After a few attempts, you'll be able to rise up and feel the first sensations of gliding.

The extra touch: Extend your experience with a drink on the Reef Club's barge, featuring a 400m² vegetated terrace with a panoramic view of the river and Saint-Cloud Park. Priceless.

Baptism package €59. All information at


Jump on the rooftops of Paris like a ninja

The spot: Head to Bercy Park, behind the Accor Arena, to discover Parkour, the urban sport that defies gravity.

The thrill: Awaken the ninja within you with Robin Pereira, friend of David Belle, the discipline's inventor (the Yamakasi: that's him). The deal: female-only classes for some seriously girl power training. There's nothing better to boost your street cred.

The session: Don't worry, you won't be asked to perform extreme stunts right away. You'll start with basic jumps and landing techniques before tackling small urban furniture. With a little practice, you'll master your vertigo and walk on metal beams above the Seine. Classy.

The extra touch: The ultra-friendly and supportive atmosphere. No competition here, everyone helps each other, and beginners are always welcome.

Private lessons available upon request at Trial group lessons €5. All information at


Follow a bootcamp with an elite coach

The spot: Parisian green spaces like Tuileries, Luxembourg Gardens, Martin Luther King Park, and the Batignolles, where you can chill on a deck chair with views of ponds covered in water lilies.

The thrill: Push your limits with full-body workouts that boost endurance, strength, and cardio.

The session: Led by state-certified coaches who train Parisian firefighters, you'll go through jumping jacks, push-ups, intervals... Each circuit is repeated three times to amp up the motivation. The motto? No pain, no gain. Perfect for detoxing from last night's rosé.

The extra touch: After the effort, the comfort! Hang out on the terrace of Hoba, the food court nestled in the heart of the park in a 19th-century former forge taken over by the team from Hasard Ludique.

Discovery session €10. 20-class pass €209. All information at


Ride the asphalt on a longboard

The spot: Meet at Jules Noël Skatepark to try out longboard dancing, the super cool discipline from L.A. that combines surfing, skating, and dancing.

The thrill: It's the trend that's booming on Instagram. Impossible to escape: the videos of riders gracefully twirling on their boards are hypnotic. With Paris Skate Culture's lessons, you too can become a pavement ballerina.

The session: Guided by pros like the talented Noémi Miljevic, you'll learn the basics (braking, jumping, pushing, turning...) before attempting a few dance steps.

Bonus tip: Rent your board at Skate Nation (61 rue Buzenval, 20th), the only shop in Paris where you can rent a board for the day and book a city tour with a professional rider.

The extra touch: The DockSession collective meets on the quays in front of the Orsay Museum for freestyle sessions. Great for admiring the pros.

Collective lesson €35. All information at


Walk above the void with slackline pros

The spot: Daumesnil Lake next to the Vincennes Pagoda, the playground of Parisian slackliners.

The thrill: Walking like a tightrope walker above the void on a tensioned strap—tempted? Mixing fun and adrenaline, slacklining allows you to develop balance and self-confidence, all safely, as you get to decide the height. The only risk: becoming addicted. Consider yourself warned.

The session: Don't look for classes or instructors; learning is based on self-initiation. The idea: enthusiasts set up straps between two trees and give you tips to get started. You begin at knee height, spanning 4 or 5 meters, and then gradually increase the distance and height. Sky is the limit.

Bonus tip: The Facebook group ParisSlack regularly offers initiation sessions for all ages with balance boards and lines for beginners.

Free, all information at

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