A clandestine bar in the vineyards of Provence…

Un Bar Clandestin Dans Les Vignes De Provenceb

We knew about speakeasies, those secrete underground cocktail clubs in Paris, hiding behind a Mexican cantina, or on the first floor of a hype restaurant.

In Summer mode, here is the coolest outdoors clandestine bar !

Imagine a secret seafood bar, completely hidden in the middle of the vineyards between Avignon and Nîmes, right near Pont du Gard.

Concretely, you show up at happy hour for a different kind of dinner at sunset in the middle of the vineyards. Now just find a deck chair for a long lover’s cuddle or a very vintage table with the gang under the fresh shade of a tree. Sip a nice local color côte du Rhône (red, white or rosé) with a platter of lobsters, oysters and other freshly arrived seafood.

Reservations are mandatory on 06 08 05 63 57 or on www.lhuitreetlavigne.com

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