The hidden pearl of the Marais

Interior decoration and Sada & Kitchiod Cocktails with vodka, gin, shiso, yuzu, Japanese tangerine liqueur, elderflower liqueur, Champagne and bitter Grapefruits from Demon Bar

You thought that Beaucoup, the kid brother of Jaja and Glou we already mentioned was a spot reserved for fashion gourmets.

Wrong track! Because on the first floor of Julien Fouin’s cantina hides a little paradise for potions, I have named… Le Démon, an absolutely devilish bar.

Here is a charming trendy salon where the Marais hipsters come discretely long and short drinks in a really fun atmosphere with good service.

On the program: super hyper sophisticated and well-mixed potions, imagined like gastronomical creations made with the trendy products of the moment such as yuzu or vintage alcohols.

For example ? Uzume,  fresh and aniseed homage  to the sun Goddess, veiled by a slight bitter taste of Jenever (the ancestor of Gin), Lebanese arak, ernet branca and yellow lemon. What else ? A Sada & Kitchiod, made with vodka, gin, shiso, yuzu, liqueur of Japanese mandarine, liqueur of sorrel flower, Champagne and Grapefruit bitters.

We like: it’s open on Sunday night!

12€ for a cocktail.

Open 8pm to 2am. Closed on Sunday.

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Where to find it?

le Demon

7 Rue Froissart

75003 Paris

01 42 77 38 47

Oberkampf Oberkampf

Saint-sebastien-froissart Saint-sebastien-froissart

Filles Du Calvaire Filles Du Calvaire

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