A chef dinner served in bed

A dinner in bed

Check out the scene: you and your +1, nestled in a very cosy hotel bid with a 100% comfort food dinner concocted specially for you by a top chef. And after, do not disturb. The ultimate high treat? This is what is waiting for you on December 3rd and 4th for the first pop-up in Paris. And that’s not all…

During an entire weekend, The Guide Fooding and Nespresso are sending out the most trendy Parisian chefs to C.O.Q. Hôtel for amazing culinary happenings. And to treat hangovers, a memorable pyjama brunch with as guest star the cult Abri sandwich, prepared on the spot by chef Katsuaki Okiyama in person (60€ for two). A real killer.

Tops also, ultra private projections by the fireplace (30€ per person). In the afternoon, the film, It’s a wonderful life, to watch while nibbling on the famous cookies and other wild sweet from Mokonuts. In the evening, a mystery sessions with a very upscale platter signed Christophe Saintagne from Papillon (ex Meurice). Classy for sure. And during the two days, as many mugs from Vertuo as you wish.

You will not regret having stayed in Paris. To be part of the 150 happy few having lived this incredible staycation experience, quickly books your seats places. The ticket office is opening at 10am sharp this morning. You better be on the ball!

VERTUOtel, on Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th of December. Information and reservations on www.evenements.lefooding.com

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Where to find it?

C.O.Q. Hôtel

15 Rue Edouard Manet

75013 Paris

01 45 86 35 99


Place D'italie Place D'italie

Campo-formio Campo-formio

Nationale Nationale

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