Acai bowl: the new healthy phenomenon !

Acaï bowl: the new healthy phenomenon !

But what is this strange little dish that is creating the buzz on on the instagram accounts of hip fit-girls under the #acaibowl?

Imagine a bowl filled with frozen açai, an amazing berry from the Amazon with a slightly chocolaty taste, filled with anti-oxydants, all covered up with fresh fruit and covered with other customized super-foods such as matcha powder, chia seeds or goji berries...

It goes without saying that “the” new healthy, delicious  phenomenon that gives lots of energy is very low on calories. This new breakfast star that is also served for snacks is the ideal ally to start a small diet without suffering too much and slipping back your fanny in your skinny jeans that suddenly were a little tight after Christmas..

Background information: this is the favorite low-call snack that  keeps surfers and Brazilian top models filled with energy.

Where to taste it? At La guinguette d’Angèle or at Season.


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