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Detox Jeune Intermittant

Healthy-girls with a dream body and a perfect complexion all swear by this method. Another ultimate diet ? Judging from the results, it seems that this fast followed on a regular basis really works and boosts your morale in addition to making you slim down… Mathilde Marecaille, a naturopath specialist in the question explains why. 3 good reasons to follow it...

Because it’s super easy to integrate in your daily life

Contrarily to a 7 day ultra restrictive fast, socially very complicated, fasting all along the year is much more supple.

There exist 3 ways of fasting with the possibility of interchanging or alternating the 3 options when you want in keeping with your lifestyle or your possibilities....

• Fasting for 24h at least once a week can be from 6pm one night to 6pm the next day. It’s psychologically often less heavy to support than an entire day without eating.

• Only take these meals over a period of 8h and fast 14h per day. For example: have dinner early and break the fast of the evening the next day at lunch. Possible variations depending on the professional, familial time schedule (5pm-7am)

• Eating "normally" during 5 days of the week and the last two days only eating 25% of the usual calories: it’ the famous 5/2 diet with two days at 800 calories. Discover the 5/2 bit hit diet

Because it really makes you loose weight

And that’s the key argument. Explanation by Mathilde Marecaille. Because it’s foremost mathematical. “Less meals = less calories”. The intermittent fast is foremost a drop in energetic input. But not only that.

“ Not having any breakfast forces the body to go draw from its reserves to supply energy in order to start the day. Exercising on an empty stomach, if you are not subject to hypoglycemia, is the best way to destock the liver that is the filter organ whose function is to stock.

Practically : here one finds the concept of chrononutrition very much on the cusp at the moment : less sugar (especially in the morning) enables to limit the secretion of insulin, a hormone that increases hunger, that tends to be inflammatory. The intermittent fast enables to suffer from less inflammation, hence being less hungry and with less fat.

Because it boosts energies

The energy the body dedicates to digestion corresponds to 1/3 of total energy… It’s enormous ! Not eating entails recuperating one third of this energy in order to enable the organism of the body to rest. In ultra creative, cramming for exams, high concentration, intermittent fasting is a major asset thanks to the regain it conveys.

Another major point to be aware of: when the body is not digesting, it regenerates. When you undergo cleansing and detoxifying, you naturally gain in energy….

Also discover the first weekend of fasting-strolling 1h out of Paris.

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