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Max Boublil Leuropeen

Ex-fan of the 90's

If the Made in France nineties had a male muse, it would undoubtedly be Max Boublil . Hairy incarnation of Crunch or Yoplait and, more recently, a nostalgic hero of the very good Play , where we happily plunge back into those not so distant times when cellphones did not exist any more than veganism , Max Boublil assumes his statutory 40 years. and makes it the starting point for his return to the stage.

As in Anthony Marciano's film , Boublil makes this observation: at forty, he has two little daughters, thinks he's cool because he takes them to school on a scooter, goes out and fucks less and less as his Netflix bingewatche couple .

Generational valves

The opportunity for the leaping brunette with insolent hair health to multiply the generational valves that make an audience mock up who came to fuck off by zapping The Voice on a Saturday night.

Friends who get divorced, inevitable weight of years (“ Little night? ” “ No, forty years ”), 06 of ass shots having deserted his smartphone in favor of doctors… Boublil notes, plays down and ends up bursting out with this communicative laughter because good , we may have stopped going to the Palace , we are still not so unhappy.

Stand up and go

Some will find that this New Show does not revolutionize stand-up . Certainly. A stage, a stool, a high table and a gourd (2020 concession to the traditional Cristalline in plastoc), we are in the classics of the genre. As for the show itself, it takes place pleasantly, between the audience (always much more LOL for the others, avoid the front rows), nice valves and some shy reflections on religion and politics.


Nevertheless, when, after the heavy applause, Max grabs his guitar to take to heart the hit that made him famous ( Tonight… you are going to take ), we say to ourselves that we had a good evening. As with a super nice friend who knows how to put the words on our head and make us go home with a smile.

From Thursday to Saturday at 9:30 p.m., from € 29, reservations on the theater website .

Max Boublil, "New show" at the European 5 rue Biot 75017 Paris

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