Art with lard : a very unusual show!

De Lart Avec Du Lard Une Expo Tres Insolite

No pun intended by this is a 100% piggy show! A dozen of contemporary artists have picked up the wager of creating works inspired by pigs.

Come check it out for yourself as soon as Wednesday 23 October at Galerie Molière.

Photo, videos, sculptures, installations, a great number of interpretation and several artists did hesitate to mix art and lard (for real).

We like : an amusing show off the beaten track where charcuterie becomes a master piece!

Coch-Coch du l’art contemporain, from 23 to 27 October 2013

Every day from 10am to 7pm, except Sunday until 5pm

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Where to find it?

Galerie Molière

40, rue de Richelieu

75001 Paris

Palais-royal (musee Du Louvre) Palais-royal (musee Du Louvre)

Pyramides Pyramides

Quatre Septembre Quatre Septembre

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