A banquet worthy of Queen Margot at the Château de Rivau

Chateau Du Rivau behind flowers

In the mood for a chic and totally unusual escapade ? We have a golden idea for you! A royal feast worthy of Queen Margot, on Tuesday the 26th of July...

Head for Château de Rivau only 2 hours outside of Paris, skip and a hop from Chinon, whose address is passed on by all those in the know as a top notch experience …

Explanations. Just like in the royal courts, an amazing banquet is set up at the heart of the château’s vegetable garden, with spit roasted pigs, garden vegetables and a ghost hunt. Draw bridge, moats and dungeons: everything you need to slip into the skin of a Medieval princess on the spot.

We adore: taking advantage of the location to spend the next day in the fairytale gardens of the Domain. Patricia Laigneau, owner of the premises, is showcasing 20 monumental contemporary art works, outdoors, like the merry-go-round of Pierre Ardouvin

Or the Sleepy Holllow Tower" by Dominique Bailly… Kind of like a Maeght Foundation in the Loire...

Tops: while you are there, have lunch in the outdoors restaurant of the château… to enjoy the superb produce from the vegetable garden. “made in… here “. A garden salad, a nice local wine and lunch on the grass: you are in paradise.

PS: needless to say that renting his amazing venue for a wedding is the latest chic. All the info on chateaudurivau.com

Think of booking a room with pool in the area such as at the piscine Domaine des Feuillants (Crouzilles) or Au Prince Grenouille (Ligré) .

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