Sneakers & Chill, the Stan Smith tattooer


Heads up: personalization is the new trend of the year. No more normcore uniform, now is the time to affirm your style with panache. And it just happens that a new workshop, nestled in Montorgueuil, customizes your sneakers. A kind of really fab « PIMP my Stan Smiths ».

Trust them with your favourite sneakers, the Sneakers & Chill team is in charge of giving them a special twist. From a simple touch of patina to a drawing created especially for you —everything is possible. Because in addition to street specialist shoemakers, the team also includes young carefully picked talents (graphic artists, tattooers, artists), capable of designing all sorts of motifs directly on your trainers. We’ve seen discrete initials, street-art tags, Air Max transformed into tie and dye rainbow… So just allow your imagination to roam, unless you give them carte blanche.

Tops, you can also come for just a cleaning or a repair. Crackled paint, damaged suede, scratched leather, original recolouring, a small rehab and you can go back to strolling on the Parisian pavement with style.

Customization starting at 60€, count between one week and 15 days of delay. Express cleaning right there 12 €.

Also check out Seize, the DIY concept-store.

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Where to find it?

Sneakers & Chill

78, rue d’Aboukir

75002 Paris

09 83 06 72 02

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Sentier Sentier

Reaumur-sebastopol Reaumur-sebastopol

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