Feuilleté of asparagus with fresh morrels

Feuillete Dasperge Aux Morilles Fraiches

Cooking with seasonal products is the basis of French gastronomy. Here is a recipe using only Spring produce. The mix of savors and textures featuring asparagus-morrels is quite simply marvelous.

Recipe for 4 persons

Preparation: 30 min

Cooking: 50 min



1- Preheat the oven to 180 °C (th. 6). Lightly sprinkle with powder the counter top, the use the pin roll to form the pâte feuilletée into a square of 16 x 16 cm and 3 mm width. Detail into 4 square of 8 x 8 cm. Beat the yolk with the crème fleurette. Using a brush, baste the top part of each square.

2- Streak the dough squares in a diagonal every 2 cm in both directions, without actually cutting them. Pace them on a plaque covered with sulfurized paper. Hike up a grill 5 cm above the plaque by placing it on the dough cutters. Bake for 18 min, then put the feuilletés on a grill.


3- Peel the asparagus starting at 4 cm from the point. Peel twice 2 on the end side, because the skin is thicker with more fiber. Cut the stems talons to obtain asparagus of the same length, about 15 cm.

4- Tie the asparagus into bundles of 5: wrap the string around 3 times at one of the ends then 3 other times at the other end.

Make a double knot and cut the extra string. Set aside.

5- Cook the asparagus for 16 to 18 min in a big pot of salted boiling water. Remove from the flame but leave the asparagus in the water to keep them warm.


6- Remove the stem of the morrels. Cut them in two or in four, then rinse twice in water then set them aside and leave them on a dish cloth..

7- Peel and chisel the shallot. Make it melt in a pan with butter for 1 to 2 min. Add the morrels and stir during 1 min. Salt, pepper, then cover. Allow to cook 8 min on a soft flame.

8- Filer the morrels through a fine sieve in order to collect the cooking juice. Cover the morrels to keep them warm and set them aside.


9- Pour back the juice from the morrels in the pan, place back on the fire and add the cream. Allow toboil for 3 min. The preparation must reduce by about a third. Salt and pepper.


10- Using a skipper, fish out the asparagus bunches. Place them on a dishcloth and remove the string. Cut the feuilletés in half to obtain a base and a lid. Place the asparagus on the base and the warm morrels on top.

11- Pour the dry Xérès in the remained of the sauce. Add the butter and mix briskly. Verify the seasoning.

12- Generously spread the sauce over the asparagus and morrels. Cover with the tops, add a few chips of chervil and serve immediately.

Best of Marc Haeberlin by Marc Haeberlin, Alain Ducasse Edition, 14€

Photographe : Valéry Guedes and Stéphane de Bourgies

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20g of flour for the counter top

200g of pâte feuilletée dough

1 egg yolk

1 tea spoon of crème fleurette


1kg of white asparagus (20 asparagus)

Cooking salt


400g of fresh morrels

1 shallot

20g of butter

Sauce and Presentation

25cl of liquid fleurette cream

2 tablespoons of dry xérès or yellow wine

40g of butter

3 or 4 branches of chervil


Fresh ground pepper

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