A chic Sunday at the Vincennes Hippodrome racetrack

Course Hippique Prix D Amerique

We have good news for all those who enjoy chic and festive events capable of making a winter Sunday super sexy. This weekend, the 98th edition of the Grand Prix d’Amérique will be taking place more “wahou” than ever…

Welcome to the USA

The excitement of the races is US style at the Hippodrome of Vincennes race track: display of Harley Davidsons, pom-pom girls, stilts, marching bands, jockeys and horses featuring colourful racing silks, it’s all there! And quite like being at the patriotic 4th of July celebrations. In short, a resolutely feel good event to live at least once in a lifetime.

And because supporting your favourite racehorse near the arrival line is sure to whet your appetite, in terms of nibbles, the stands offer a wide choice: sandwiches, fries, drinks, crêpes and waffles for everyone. American style!

An alternative for the elegant set

Reserve your lunch at the delicious panoramic restaurant of the hippodrome, to binge-watch the races as well as the tables of nearby cute guys (menu starting at €48).

Open your eyes wide: you might just run into the a few VIPs such as Monica Belluccior Hugo Philip. A day of glam’...

In the mood for a bet?

All the newcomers in the world of horse racing can be reassured: no need to pretend you are a pro of the Quinté+ to be “part of the scene”. If you wish to bet, specialized counselors are located a little everywhere to help budding racegoers. Even better: you can use a large grid featuring random horse numbers, just like at Keno. Basic, simple.

98th edition of the Grand Prix d’Amérique, Sunday, January 27th at the Vincennes Hippodrome de Paris racetrack. Simple entrance €6.80 for two. Reservations on www.francebillet.com

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