A grape harvesting escapade at 50€


Grape harvesting is an absolute fantasy. It’s something that you need to have done at least once in a lifetime.  Mission impossible? Of course not.

1.  Because you can go there as early as this week-end

2.  Because it will only cost you 50€

3.  Because this wonderful escapade is taking place in Champagne only one hour out of Paris on the train  or 1h45 by car.

The pitch? A furiously earthy and glam immersion around the Domain of the Duval Leroy house!

Arrival around 9:30am for a long visit and a stroll through the vineyards under the soft end of summer sun and learn how to select ripe grape bunches. Then a luncheon with grape pickers around a big table with a nice hearty main course, appetizer, cheese ,dessert and a glass of champagne (here food is considered serious stuff)... and after a tasting of clear wines at the end of barrel you will depart loaded with bottles…happy…by car or train towards Paris.

" Journée Vendanges "at 50€.

Mandatory reservations on 03 26 52 43 30.

40 min by train from the Gare de l’Est train station until Reims, then

Champagne Duval-Leroy 69 avenue de Bammental 51 130 Vertus

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