Floating islands

It’s the perfect dessert to give a festive touch at the end of  a Sunday meal. Here is the real recipe for floating islands just like Granny made them, a touch of nostalgia for the greatest pleasure of gourmets with a sweet tooth.

15 min of preparation time

6 min of cooking time

Step 1:

In a big pan, heat 25 cl of milk mixed with 50 cl of water (it’s the poaching liquid).

Step 2 :

During that time, beat the egg whites into peaks with an electric beater.

When they are hard, add the powdered sugar and beat a little more.

Step 3 :

Using a table spoon previously dipped in cold water, scoop up the egg whites and poach them for 3 min on each side in a pan filled with simmering poaching liquid. Careful, this liquid must not boil.

Step 4 :

Drain the poached egg whites for a long time on blotter paper. Pour the custard in serving containers and place the poached eggs on top. Cover the floating islands with liquid caramel before tasting.


Sprinkle the floating islands with slivered grilled almonds.


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Ingredients for 6 persons:

- Liquid custard

- 25 cl of milk

- 5 egg whites

- 1 table spoon of powdered sugar

- Liquid cream

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