A light version of the « merveilleux » cake


No need to present the « merveilleux », a cult dessert with meringue cream and chocolate. There is very good news for gourmets on a diet, we have found for you the light version of this recipe*, an 189 calories treat, to be consumed without moderation!

Preparation: 20 min

Cooking time: 2 h

Resting time: 20 min

To make the meringue:

Preheat the oven to 100°C (th. 3). Put the whites in a beater bowl. Pour the Canderel sucralose powder and the water in a pan then cook until it reaches  118°C. When the Canderel sucralose powder is at 110°C, start beating the whites into peaks. Lower the speed of the mixer and pour the syrup progressively. Reset the beater to high power and wait until the meringue is totally cooled down. Place the meringue in half sphere-shaped silicone molds, then bake 2 h minimum at 100°C.

To make the white chocolate ganache:

Boil the cream in a pan. Break up the white chocolate, then pour the boiling cream over the chocolate until it is entirely melted. Allow to cool down in the icebox. Putting it all together.

For the presentation:

Coat the meringues with the chocolate ganache. «Stick» 2 half-spheres together, then smooth down the ganache with a spatula. Allow to cool down for 10 min in the refrigerator. Roll the merveilleux in the grated white chocolate.

Tip from the chef

Vary the grated chocolates for more fantasy and tastes.

* Compared to a recipe made with sugar an non-light ingredients


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