The new beauty protocol that the stars are crazy about

The LNA Institute in Paris by Elena Krunic

She is the personal hairdresser of Mélissa Theuriau and Jamel Debbouze . The TV shows like the backstage of the Cannes Film Festival no longer hold any secrets for this queen of the red carpet. Elena Krunic's talents are being torn apart everywhere, who has proven her worth with the greatest: Dessange , Zouari or Provost .

His promise: a stylish hairstyle, a boosted ego and a smooth complexion that will give you 5 years younger straight away. But what is his secret ?

A new concept inspired by meditation

More than a wow-effect brushing, the hairstylist, also trained in energy treatments, goes further with a new exclusive protocol that will appeal to followers of head massage and meditation ...

Installed in the Konfidentiel salon in the chic rue Saint-Honoré, Elena Krunic defines from the start of her session the points of tension of her client: calm, benevolence, self-confidence, to work them better afterwards. The idea: to create a unique treatment, as tailor-made as possible to enhance mental development and hair health.

Its concept? “ Combine the beauty of the hair and personal development . My goal is to create for my client an interior path for a total disconnection with the exterior. The hair is sublimated while my client is in the middle of meditation . ”

The treatment protocol

Brushing and cranial massage at the salon Konfidentiel in Paris

After a personalized interview, Elena plunges you into a meditative state by plugging in headphones that send you away ... very far from Paris and your problems to the sound of waves and birdsong.

Well installed in the tank, anti-fatigue patches with gold leaf placed under the eyes, the expert begins to provide you with her care: the hair is washed before practicing according to her feelings an acupressure point massage on the scalp and shoulders.

To end on a high note: his kind words nourish your inner self while you sip a delicious tea flower. A magnificent brushing ends the protocol.

No need for a magic filter on Insta: you are styled, relaxed, refocused, full of good vibes and smooth features. In short: you ... better!

LNA Paris essential ritual : € 80. Appointments and info: 06 50 86 33 16

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Where to find it?

Salon Konfidentiel

267 rue Saint-Honoré

75001 Paris

Concorde Concorde

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Concorde Concorde

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