Jacquemus opens an ephemeral bag distributor at the Palais-Royal


The king of marketing has struck again! After his flower pop-up and his recent collaboration with CBD Chilled waters, Jacquemus pulls out a final surprise from his hat with an it-bag vending machine in Palais-Royal, just behind the Comédie-Française. Of course, we went to take a look ...

A “pop poesy” project

To celebrate its new PINK 2 collection available since December 1 and the release of its Bambino Long it-bag in fuchsia pink (€ 715), our national Simon has therefore decided to completely review the shopping experience with a new format: Jacquemus 24 / 24 , a 100% pink room open continuously from Friday December 3 at 10 a.m. until Saturday December 5 at midnight.

Like an automaton, the bags (as well as a few Barbie- colored hats and accessories) are presented there in small windows, to be bought from a touch screen like you buy your Kinder Bueno at the station. Except that there, when the locker opens, we leave with the most desirable piece of the moment, to slip under your own tree.

An experience in itself

We do not know whether we preferred to attend this unique shopping session or observe the fashionable fauna that thronged there (try the off-peak hours ... or even at night!). Bands of distraught girlfriends, placid ultra-saped queer, teenage daddy's girls in 90210 fashion pimped from head to toe with Vuitton , Rolex , Gucci and Jacquemus of course, Instagrammers braving the cold navel in the air… If you haven't the patience to stand in line, at least take advantage of this breathtaking view of the new generation of Parisian fashionistas: it's worth the detour.

Open 24 hours a day at 16 rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris


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