Keith Haring : a buzzing show !

Keith Haring Lexpo Qui Buzze

It’s the eventful show of the year. Keith Haring’s cult little man will be taking over the Museum of Modern Art through more than 250 works.

The famous silhouettes underlined by black contours, his bright colors, his supportive work, here will be showcased here the entire universe of this pop artist who spoke out against racism, atomic war, consumer society and who warned against Aids of which himself was victim.

He was one of the very first ones to commercialized his goodies and derivative products to make art accessible to all by working canvases, billboards, the metro… Diverse an stunning supports to be discovered during the show.

To be seen also: 20 XXL canvases on show at Cenquatre.

Keith Haring : The Political Line

Until 18 August 2013, Tuesday to Sunday from  10am to 6pm, late night on Thursday until 10pm

Full rate : 11 €

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