The masseuse who eradicates cellulite

Methode Mondargan

It’s at the heart of the golden triangle, in the back of a courtyard, that the Paloma Institute is nestled and where the sparkling Patricia Mondargan welcomes her clients in a pretty spacious and calm cabin to provide her anti-cellulite ritual that really works : the Mondargan method. Not surprising that Naomi Campbell and Elle Macpherson have made it their fetish address each time they pass through the capital.

The method

Both draining and the palpating-rolling technique, the Mondargan method is not just a simple slimming massage, but also an anti-age treatment. Starting with the first session, you feel lighted, toned, slimmer and younger.

This method is based on an optimal lymphatic basis and enables the system to eliminate toxins and cellulite more easily. By targeting the fatty tissues with a muscular palpating-rolling technique, it gives new dynamics to the lymphatic and blood circulation, eliminates the body filled with toxins, tones the skin and ends up being an anti-age treatment with a facial massage that gets rid of pouches and stimulates the production of collagen.

The protocol

Comfortably settled on the treatment table, get ready for a two hour treatment with a complete massage from head to foot. Patricia does not conceived reactivating the lymphatic and blood circulation without massaging the tummy, hence the intestines, the lymphatic and blood circulation , the lymphatic and blood circulation and back. The entire body is treated! To detach cellulite, muscular palpating-rolling technique can be a little violent, but it leaves no traces, no blue marks. You come out relaxed and with a maximum of well-being.

The massage ands with 20 minutes dedicated to the face which also suffers from water retention ! With target pressure points to decongest the eye, palpating-rolling to redesign the oval of the face, pinching to make blood circulate—you come out looking younger, fewer face lines and a lighter body!

Of course, for a real result you need at least 5 sessions (it’s a real investment since the sessions costs a minimum of 200 €), and then you need to follow these three simple pieces of advice: drink a lot of water, walk at least ½ hour per day and eat less salt . And when you see the streamlined silhouette of this 50-year-old and her lovely thin and muscular arms, you run over there as quickly as possible!

1st Face & Body treatment + lymphatic estimate (2h00) €300.

Face & Body treatment (2h00) €250.

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Where to find it?

Institut Paloma

17 rue de la Trémoille

75008 Paris

06 84 27 39 28

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Franklin-roosevelt Franklin-roosevelt

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