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Monnaie De Paris

This is the story of two institutions of Parisian culture who come together around an already cult project. The Monnaie de Paris , the oldest company in the world whose historical mission (since the year 864, all the same) amounts to minting coins , is associated with the Louvre Museum for a collection of new coins highly coveted by the greatest collectors and passionate about the treasures of Egypt . Code name: French Excellence .

A collection in homage to ancient Egypt

This historical association was born on the occasion of two anniversaries : that of the discovery of Tutankhamun 's tomb exactly 100 years ago and the deciphering of hieroglyphs 200 years ago. A great way to transmit a fascinating cultural heritage around a collection of 5 coins made by the teams of the Monnaie de Paris under the yoke of Joaquin Jimenez , General Engraver of the institution . This limited series presents gold or silver coins to the glory of the Egyptian cultural heritage : a real marvel.

The wow piece to admire

To beautifully echo the formidable collections of Egyptian antiquities on display at the Louvre , the Monnaie de Paris teams have made an incredible 1 kilo gold coin (edited in 14 copies) and particularly rich in symbols.

Reverse side: the god Amon , protector of Tutankhamun surrounded by hieroglyphs and watched by the blue eye of Oudjat . Front side: the Great Sphinx of Tanis , adorned with engravings and surrounded by the God of the Moon (Khonsou) as well as a worshiper. In other words: a real demonstration of the know-how of minting , casting and enameling combined, which brilliantly justify the name of French Excellence carried by this collection. Want the same in your living room? It will cost you the trifle of €125,000..!

Excellence à la française , available at the Boutique de la Monnaie de Paris , 2 bis rue Guénégaud, Paris 6th, open Tuesday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., Wednesday until 9 p.m. Free admission.

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