Primard, the house of Catherine Deneuve re-enchanted by Fontenille 1 hour from Paris

The Primard Domain near Paris

To all those who fantasize about a holiday at the gates of the Paris region … Impossible to dream of such a magical address that ticks all the boxes of uninhibited and contemporary luxury. A place that could not be more timely these days.

After Fontenille in Provence, Santa Ponsa and Torre Vella in Menorca or the Hydrangeas of Lake in Hossegor, it is in the former country house of Catherine Deneuve that Frédéric Biousse and Guillaume Foucher, associated with Eric Frechon, sign their most successful. The couple of visionary hoteliers, looking for a 5-star refuge in the west of Paris, manage here to create a daydream for urbanites.

Le Domaine de Primard: a dream country house by the water ...

Primard, 30 hectares of estate between forest, hills, ponds

Let's put the frame. No car to hire. Neither complicated TGV. One departure every hour, with your Navigo pass from Saint-Lazare to Buei l. 59 minutes by train and a 7 minute shuttle on hand to the hotel.

You are teleported in front of the alley of a romantic paradise : an extraordinary residence surrounded by outbuildings and a park with 30 hectares of land between forests, hills, ponds ... Praise of slow life , condensed by inspired romanticism By Hugo or Virginia Woolf, this 18th century residence in the splendid Directoire style, exudes an ultimately French art of living.

The bar and a room at Domaine Primard

Take a nap on a bed on the edge of the Eure, picnic in the permaculture vegetable garden of the estate which provides the kitchens, run in the forest, read a book in the evening by the fireplace in a boudoir , bask in a bathtub on feet, play backgammon in the lounge, order a cocktail from the bar-guinguette along the water, take a walk with the children on the farm to see the donkeys and sheep, a dinner in the grass under the apple trees. So many anachronistic delights to break without transition from the Parisian frenzy.

A house with swimming pool less than an hour from Paris without a car

The remarkable gardens created 30 years ago by Jacques Wirtz at primard domain

If we had to summarize the atmosphere of Primard : it is resolutely appeasement and quiet luxury that reign there. No car, no visual pollution. Almost a film set in the heart of the remarkable gardens created 30 years ago by Jacques Wirtz, one of the most famous landscapers of the 20th century (we owe him, among others, the Carrousel gardens ). In short, a jewel of nature.

Here: we wander on foot, by bike, by boat or by electric cart, a sign that voluptuousness really reigns supreme.

A standard room at the Primard domain.

Each living space is designed as an invitation to take a walk . After having drunk your coffee, coming to chill by the swimming pool out of sight in the domain is an incredible pleasure. Where you can order a drink, a salad or a club.

High point of green well-being: the spa with sauna, baths in a wooden building in the middle of the orchard, exclusively with the Austrian brand Susanne Kaufmann whose unique treatments are provided using cosmetics made from precious natural essences , oils and pure unprocessed substances.

A cuisine by Eric Frechon

farm to table at Primard domain

Another asset of this ideal country house: the catering orchestrated by the wonderful Frechon , a pure Normand happy to reconnect with his roots and the products of his childhood, which he translates here by the fashionable spirit of farm to table .

The rotisserie at the Primard domain

Evidenced by its bistro, the chef's favorite playground, which is available in two living spaces : a rotisserie with wood-fired cooking in a kitchen open to the dining room inside. A garden with its feet in the grass under the apple trees. Can we dream of a better spot in Normandy ? On the spit: chicken and duck breast . On the fireplace grill: prime rib and sausages simply land between Béarnaise, vegetables from the garden and homemade fries before strawberries from the garden with whipped cream or a floating island .

Open kitchen and dinning room at Primard domain

The gastronomic feast unfolds at Octave , a splendid boudoir on the estate , before finishing in the rose garden, a highlight of the gastronomic experience… Unless you privatize the table d'hôte in the kitchen for the occasion.

Room from 260 € per night.


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