We copy the ceviche recipe from Coup de tête à Belleville

Recette Ceviche Saint Jacques

The Franco-Pan-American restaurant Coup de tête, which is creating a buzz in Belleville, has agreed to share one of its recipes with us. On the program, a dish that smacks of the return of the sunny days: a ceviche of Saint-Jacques, passion fruit leche and guacamole concocted by an ex from Alléno and Rostang, the cocinero of Colombian origin Jaime Corzo Lemos .

For 5 people


  • If you use coquilles Saint - Jacques whole, the shuck, clean and reserve nuts. Cut the walnuts into carpaccio . Drizzle them with a little full-bodied olive oil and keep them cool.

  • Prepare the leche de tigre : first, soak the tamarind in a little cold water for ten minutes, then pass everything through a sieve, scraping the contents well with a spoon so that all the tamarind pulp passes through the water. Only the fibers and seeds should remain in the colander. Then, combine all the ingredients in a blender, and mix until you obtain a homogeneous liquid. Keep cool.

  • For the squid ink tile , combine all the ingredients in a blender and mix until a very homogeneous mixture is obtained. Heat a non-stick pan. When it is very hot, place the device in small heaps which will spread out in the heat. As soon as the tiles are formed, carefully remove them and put them to cool.

  • For the guacamole , combine the mashed avocado flesh , red onion , chopped cilantro , chopped chili and lime juice . Reserve.

  • Transfer the scallops to a bowl on ice. Drizzle with lime juice and mix gently.

  • Arrange the scallop carpaccio on the plates and season with a pinch of salt. Add the leche de tigre, the guacamole, the squid ink tuile in small pieces, the sprouts and the flowers . Serve immediately.

The chef's tip: when you extract the juice from a lemon, do not exert more than two pressures so as not to have the bitterness of the ziste. For the squid ink tiles to succeed, the appliance must be very homogeneous and the pan very hot.

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