How to have the best croque de Paris at home?

The Croque Monsieur with grated truffle and grated gruyère cheese and a bowl of Juliette's chef Juliette's salad

This is undoubtedly the tastiest recipe croque monsieur well Frenchie county and truffles, by the talented Juliette, Head of Hotel Parister. Yum ! We give you the top secret recipe, while waiting to go and taste it there ...


The homemade Mornay sauce :

  • In a saucepan, melt 30 g of butter over low heat.
  • Add 25 g flour , stir, gradually pour in the milk (about 40 cl), stir constantly!

  • The sauce thickens: salt and pepper . Incorporate the cream (3 large spoons), the grated Gruyere (50 g). Place large pieces of cold butter (20 g) and mix well.

  • The Mornay sauce is ready!

The croque-monsieur :

Select two slices of good Poilâne bread .

Spread (generously) with homemade mornay sauce.

  • 1 layer of ham with truffles
  • 1 layer of gouda with truffles

Close the croque-monsieur and place in strips of Comté (cover the entire surface).

Bake for 8 minutes (180 °).

The secret: a blow of the torch after cooking to grill the Comté - mmmh…!

Cut the croque-monsieur in half and arrange it in staggered rows on a slate.

For the accompaniment: mesclun salad , cherry tomatoes and house vinaigrette ( olive oil, mustard , balsamic vinegar , salt & pepper )

Good tasting !

Lilya, the barman's advice: serve it with a delicious Pomerol (goes well with truffles ).

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