The recipe for Véronique's incredible lasagna

Recette De Lasagnes

At Do It In Paris , we are not necessarily aces of the kitchen ... But we are full of D systems to feast and impress the gallery. The whole team gives you its best recipes that are super easy to make.

In need of cooking inspiration? What could be better than serving real good lasagna with a nice green salad, as Véronique, the founder of Do It In Paris suggests? "It is the family dish par excellence, easy to prepare and which is unanimous among large tables! "

For 6 persons


  • Brown the onions in olive oil.

  • Add the minced meat , cook the whole. Add the tomato sauce . Salt and pepper.

  • For the béchamel . Melt the butter , add the flour, mixing well without browning.

  • Add the milk and thicken like a semi thick cream. Salt and pepper.

  • In a rectangular dish, put a layer of meat, a layer of bechamel sauce, a layer of plates.

  • Repeat a second time, then finish with Gruyère . Put in the oven at 180 ° for about 1 hour.

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