MerSea's Lobster Sandwich

Lobster Roll

The lobster roll, this classic American street food, is usually a "sandwich" of cold lobster with mayonnaise base, a mixture of spices, all in a buttered brioche and bread. For Mersea , chef Olivier Bellin has reinterpreted in a lighter version based celery, lettuce and sauce lightened. Diet-compatible , therefore!

To make 2 Lobster rolls


Lobster cooking:

Immerse the live lobster in salted boiling water

For a lobster of 500-600 g, count 5-6 minutes

2 additional minutes for pliers

Put the lobster and the claws in ice water after cooking

Delicately shell, preserving the flesh

Reserve in the fridge


Celery cooking:

Peel and wash the celery

Cut into 0.5 cm cube

In salted boiling water , immerse the celery for 2 minutes

After cooking, take it out and immerse it in ice water.


Dip the celery cubes into the lobster bisque and heat them in the pan

Count about 1/3 of celery compared to the lobster


Lobster bisque :

In a saucepan cook the following items

Lobster carcass

Aromatic bouquet ( garlic , thyme , bay leaf , onions , carrots ) Salt , pepper

Tomato puree. White wine and cognac.

Add water to height. Reduce slowly until you get a fairly concentrated bisque


Hollandaise sauce :

Clarify the butter

Heat 3 egg yolks with chicken broth

Cook and mount like a sabayon

Add the clarifying butter and emulsify everything

Add a little lemon juice (to your liking) and salt

Put in a siphon


Dressage :

Heat a brioche bread previously buttered on the outside

Insert your celery ball returned to the bisque then the hot lobster meat returned to the bisque as well

Add a little chopped sucrine

Incorporate the hollandaise sauce

Finish with chopped chives and lime or lime zest (to taste)

Serve with a small "shot" of bisque that you can add to the sandwich at your convenience

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