How about cooking seasonal plums?

Recette Prunes Manon Fleury

It's plum season ! How to serve them in a dessert that has dog? We follow Manon Fleury's recipe for plum PDOs , which twists this wonderful summer fruit with a diplomatic cream. Yum yum!


Make the pastry cream . Boil the milk. Remove the milk from the heat. Place the whole bunch of verbena in the pot and cover. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Filter the milk .

Put the pan of milk on the heat again to bring it to a boil.

Blanch the sugar and egg yolks . Add the flour and sifted cornstarch .

Pour over the egg / sugar / flour mixture half of the milk while whisking. Return this mixture to the saucepan and cook the cream over low heat. You need to bring this mixture to a boil again. When this mixture boils, continue to cook the cream for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove the cream from the heat and place in a suitable container. Cool.

Poach the plums . Make a syrup with the water, honey, verbena and lemon. Bring the syrup to a simmer. Cut the plums in half. Take the plum kernel. Pour the syrup over the plums. Let cool as well. Once cooled, remove the skin from the plums.

Make the diplomat cream. Make a whipped cream . Take half of the pastry cream . Mix it with a whisk. Add the whipped cream delicately using a spatula.

To draw up. Break the fresh almonds . Remove the envelope. Peel the almonds . In a bowl, place two tablespoons of diplomat cream. Pour over the plum halves poached with the lemon. Add a few verbena leaves infused in the syrup and a lemon zest.

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