French spring rolls

© Frédéric Lucano

Foodistas love it: the popular spring rolls are spiced up here with…. of the rosette. A cultural mix that works wonderfully!

For 4 people.


  • Wash the bean sprouts , peel the carrots and cut them very finely into sticks.

  • Bring a saucepan of water to a boil, pour in the vermicelli and cook for 5 minutes. Immediately run them under cold water and drain them well.

  • On a tea towel, spread 1 rice cake and lightly moisten it with a brush and water to soften it. Place the rosette slices in the center but towards the bottom of the sheet then add pistachios and cashews , a few carrot sticks , bean sprouts , a few mint leaves , rice vermicelli and salad . Cover with the base of the leaf (closest to you) then fold the two sides of the leaf so that they are flush. Roll the spring roll tightly and do the same for the other spring rolls.

  • Combine the Nuoc-mâm sauce , the previously chopped coriander and the water in the bowl .

  • Present the spring rolls on a plate and dip them in the sauce before tasting.

Tip: you can vary the ingredients according to your desires and the season, for example by adding white cabbage , asparagus or even cucumber .

Recipe from the book Maison Sibilia, la charcuterie lyonnaise , Bruno Bluntzer, Hachette, € 24.95

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