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Recette Tartelette Kiwi

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It's the new obsession of healthy girls . Not only does this kiwi pie not make you fat. But in addition it is doped with 100% super-food (cranberries, coconut oil, dried figs, agave syrup ...) with 0% cooking. Result: you gain energy, a nice line and time.

Preparation time: 40 minutes

Break time: 1 hour

Recipe for 4 tarts


Preparation of the dough: mix half the pistachios to reduce them to powder. Add the other half and mix roughly before adding the dried figs cut into pieces beforehand.

Chop the cranberries and add them to the preparation. Mix.

Place a cookie cutter on a sheet of baking paper and add the preparation made from figs , pistachios and cranberries . Press down well with the backs of a spoon before delicately removing the cookie cutter. Repeat 3 times.

Leave to rest on the baking paper in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Cut the kiwis into slices of the same size using a mandolin or, failing that, with a knife.

Take the tarts out of the refrigerator and place delicately on a dessert plate for dressing.

Place the kiwis in a rosette on top of the dough.

Add on top of the crushed pistachios , some cranberries , carnation petals and the agave syrup (1 teaspoon per tart).


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