Make your own gnocchis

Recette Gnocchis

Gnocchis : the new fad of foodies…

Preparation 20 min

Cooking 5 min

For 4 persons

Peel and cut the butternut in small pieces. Set aside.

Do the same thing with the potatoes. Cook the pieces in 2 different pots filled with water during about 25 mn until they are totally in purée form. Mash well with a fork.

Place each mashed purée in a different bowl. For each one, Add the egg yolk, salt, pepper and nutmeg. Finally add 200g of sifted flour then 120 g of grated sbrinz, work on the mixture until the dough is homogenous. If it’s sticky add a little bit of flour …

Take a fork and mark each ball with the back of the fork. Bring to boil a large pot of salty water. Dip the gnocchis and allow to cook until they float back up to the surface. Drain and serve with a light dash of squash seed oil or a nice piece of sage butter.

Tip : add extra slivers of Sbrinz AOP for real gourmets.


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- 250 g of butternut

- 250g of potatoes to be mashed

- 200g + 200g of flour (approx .. add more if necessary)

- 120g + 120 g of grated sbrinz cheese

- 1+1 egg yolks

- Salt , ground Pepper and nutmeg

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